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If you are a massive control freak when I say ‘We don’t need to know it all’ it probably sends you into cold sweats and heart palpitations. I get it. I was the same. I still am sometimes… (I am human after all). Unless we are so laid back that we are horizontal, we all get the urge to control our environment, control other people and the unquenchable thirst to know it all.

We have all had times when things haven’t gone to plan. At the time we may feel sad, frustrated, angry or even despair. I can think of a few occasions especially in my late teens and early twenties where I honestly thought “my life was over” (as you do at that age) because things hadn’t gone to my plan. However, I can look back and I see the beauty of the moment and the amazing things that came from my life taking that direction. The beauty may be the support or kind words I received, or it could have been the connections I made and friendships that were established by ‘the plan’ not going quite to plan.

It’s ok to let go of that responsibility to know it all and to have the plan. There are so many miraculous things that go on around us with no intervention at all. The sun setting and then rising again the next day, birds knowing when to migrate to and those flash of inspiration that come from out of the blue. It’s all happening around us all of the time. Universal intelligence is there within us and around us.

Surrender, let go. Ok now I have really set you off if you are a ‘control freak’. Think back to a time when you didn’t quite deliver on a plan, or when things beyond your control changed what you had in mind but it all worked out fine in the end. That is universal intelligence supporting and guiding you. By easing in and listening to those little whispers of inspiration we can start to let go of the need to control and enjoy life.

We don’t need to know it all. Surrender and let go.

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