When you feel like you are drowning – Clinical Hypnotherapy and Coaching

When you feel like you are drowning. The context of this blog is that last week I took my son to his weekly swimming lesson. Don’t worry no one drowned, in fact quite the opposite. At the end of the lesson, all these little 2-3 years olds were all laying on their backs, legs and arms stretched out, safe, calm and relaxed floating on the water. It got me thinking about my work in Hypnotherapy and Coaching and as humans our innate well-being.

In life at times we feel like we are sinking, we are thrashing about in the water of life, gasping for air, trying to grip onto anything that will make it ‘all ok’. It’s not surprising sometimes life throws all sorts at us, choppy water, overwhelm and even rough seas. Some people scream out for help waiting to be rescued, others look around for a raft that they think will keep them afloat.

The thing is we don’t need rescuing. The safety net is within us. Just like the 2-3-year-olds in that swimming pool, if we breathe and relax we save ourselves. It is within us all, this innate wellbeing that keeps us alive is there. So by thrashing about or looking outside ourselves for someone or something to rescue us we are dulling our natural ability to keep ourselves afloat.

When you feel like you are drowning if you need support to come back to that innate well-being, peace of mind and inner safety and security my role as a coach and hypnotherapist is to facilitate that journey. I can’t do it for you, I don’t have to because it is already there, but I can be with you.

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