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Being a confident person and what that means. The topic of confidence comes up a lot when people talk about starting a new chapter in their life or exploring a new venture, it’s often mentioned when talking about work life, or even confidence in social situations. The idea of being a confident person and what that means to people always really intrigues me.

I believe that there is often a perception that confidence is something we have to acquire, almost like a feeling that is outside of us and that we have to work to get it. There is often the assumption that confidence is something that we have to have to do things, or do things effectively or to do things that are out of our comfort zone. Also, the view you have to be a confident person 100% of the time, either you are a confident person, or you lack confidence.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Like any emotion it is transient, it comes, and it goes, it’s not telling you anything, it doesn’t mean anything, it doesn’t mean if you have it you can take action and if you haven’t you can’t. It is a thought that brings an emotion into your reality just like sadness, all of the emotions are on the same scale.

We can all think of times when we have felt really confident and in a particular situation and things might have gone well or maybe they didn’t. There have also been times when we haven’t had an ounce of confidence and things have turned out well or maybe they didn’t. The thoughts and the feelings have no effect on the outcome. Innocently your thinking looks for evidence that our thinking and feelings have impacted the outcome.

You don’t need to be confident to take action. You can take action with all of the ‘negative thinking’. The confident thoughts and the not confident thoughts are exactly the same.

When we embrace all of humanness being confident or not is less of an issue. We often want the preferred feelings like confidence, happiness and positivity but as humans, we all have the same spectrum of emotions and we all have the same kind of thinking. Forgiving ourselves and embracing who we are no matter if you feel confident or not can foster feelings of contentment and peace rather than judging ourselves because of our different emotions.

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