How to have a power nap and improve self-esteem?

Having a power nap and improving your self-esteem at the same time may seem too good to be true. Well, it’s not! The relaxed state you enter during hypnotherapy can be described as having a power nap for 60 minutes. During this wonderfully relaxed state, a Hypnotherapist can then support you to reprogram limiting beliefs about yourself and improve your self-esteem.

Let’s start with why hypnotherapy is like having a power nap. In a clinical hypnotherapy setting the Hypnotherapist will use various techniques to help their client to physically and mentally relax. These techniques aren’t magical in any way. It is very similar to a guided relaxation or meditation to create physical relaxation in the body followed by techniques to bore your logical thinking conscious mind, so it switches off and takes a little break. This deeply relaxed state sometimes described as trance can feel like a power nap as often clients report that they drifted in and out of what was being said to them or that they can’t recall it at all. Which is why I like to call a power nap with a purpose.

Once the client is in this relaxed state the Hypnotherapist will then make suggestions to reprogram negative beliefs and improve self-esteem. This could take the following form:

– Drawing on past successes and accomplishments
– Building confidence in positive traits and characteristics
– Improving motivation to make sustainable changes
– Removing past labels often from childhood
– Turning down the volume on negative self-talk
– Letting go of perceived failure
– Taping into innate well-being and resilience
– Improving self-worth

Is your internal dialogue kind to you? Sometimes we can take a battering from that internal voice. The ‘I’m not enough’ stories playing on loud and on repeat. Maybe you feel like low self-esteem holds you back from creating the life you wish for?

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