What is anxiety?

Anxiety: We have an inbuilt system designed to protect us from danger known as the ‘fight or flight’ response. When our brain perceives a threat our sympathetic nervous system kicks in flooding our body with adrenaline so that we can prepare to protect ourselves. Blood goes to our limbs and away from our digestive and reproductive system, our breathing gets quicker and our heart pumps faster to get that oxygen to where we need it, to either make a dash for it or fight our way out of perceived danger. Which is great if you are in danger but not so good if you are sat worrying about a presentation you need to do!

Symptoms of anxiety
• Heart racing
• Fast breathing
• Tummy churning or ‘butterflies’
• Dizziness
• Palpitations
• Dry mouth
• Shaking
• Increased perspiration
• Tension headaches
• Unwanted thoughts

When we are in an anxious state our internal dialogue can really ramp up. We often make unrealistic self-statements, we can be unkind to ourselves and start to make predictions about possible negative outcomes. Not only does our thinking get loud but we can also start to fear the reaction we feel in our body. We start to reject the feelings and try to avoid anything that feels similar to this anxious reaction such as excitement trying to numb ourselves.

Long-term anxiety can lead us to avoid situations, environments or people that evokes the anxiety response. Anxiety can take a hold and restrict us from living the life we want and deserve.

How hypnotherapy can help?

I will support you to return to your calm default. I start with physical relaxation and then help you to calm the mind turning the volume down on the internal chatter. I then use positive suggestion to support you to:

• Regulate breathing
• Reframe situations/environments/people that trigger your anxiety response
• Create relaxation in the body on demand
• Build confidence and self-esteem

4-6 sessions are recommended to overcome anxiety. I will also arm you with a toolbox of techniques that are easy to use in your everyday life to encourage you to be calm and confident.

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